Counting patterns

Reception having been working really hard this week exploring numbers beyond 10 and the patterns we can see in the numbers. We used the numicon to make and label our own number lines from 11-20. What fantastic Solveosaurus Rex children we all were.

Reception’s trip to the scout hut ☀️

We had a wonderful time on our trip to the scout hut this week! It was a very busy day filled with lots of fun and exciting activities. First, we went on a summer walk around the grounds and looked for signs of summer and thought about the changes we could hear, see and feel compared to spring. Next, we made a nature rainbow where we collected different things of every colour of the rainbow. Then, we went on a fairy door Hunt where we looked at the different shaped fairy doors hiding in the woodland. We also used our school iPads to take photos of what we found. We finished the day by making our very own fairy doors.

It was a fantastic day filled with lots of fun and adventure and we are very proud of the Reception children! ⭐️

We visited Year One!

We know that things will change after our Summer holiday, because we will be in Year One with new teachers! We visited the Year one classrooms, saw the Year One lockers and looked at their playground. We’re excited about going into Year One in September!

It was Music Day in Reception!

We listened to African drumming music and talked about how it made us feel. We then painted while we listened. Sometimes our painting was fast and sometimes it was slow… We felt excited, happy, calm and sleepy!

We learned how to play African drums. We kept the slow and fast pulse.

We watched some African dancing!
We had a day of African musical fun!